Mache Custom Kicks x DXC 15 City Tour Release


Mache has been a regular at the East Coast DXC events for years now.  So it is only fitting that the the DXC and Mache team up to bring the sneaker community something that has never been done before.

Starting July 20th in Denver and Orlando and July 21st in Miami. The DXC events will be doing a raffle for a one of one Mache Custome sneaker.  Each city will have its own one of one to raffle on with a total of 15 cities getting one sneaker each for the 3rd quarter tour.

The Events are listed below with location and times. Make sure to come out to the event and give yourself a chance to get a super exclusive sneaker from the world famous DXC and Mache.

Visit Mache at MacheCustoms or on twitter @mache275 or Instagram @mache275


DENVER DXC JULY 20 1pm to 6pm at Exdo Event Center 1399 35th St, Denver, CO 80205

ORLANDO DXC JULY 20 1pm to 6pm at BBOY SPOT 7033 Stapoint Ct, Winter Park, FL 32792

MIAMI MARLINS STADIUM DXC JULY 21 1pm to 6pm at Marlins Stadium 501 NW 16th Ave, Miami, FL 33125

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