Rushmore Outdoor Trading Co. the New American Look.



When it comes to fashion now days, things seem to be a bit of chaos.  From skinny jeans and oversized tee shirts, to form fitting floral button ups and rolled up pants.

As an event traveling all over the world, we get to see the best and the worst of fashion. So its alwasy good when we come across a brand that touches on the clean look of the grown person mixed with the small hint of skate/street.  

Coming from the Southern California area Rushmore Outdoor Trading Co. is a fresh find to the one who is looking.  With all the product made in the good old US of A, you get quality as well as a solid and clean sense of style and fashion.

Rushmore has been around for only 6 months and has already been picked up by well know stores in the So Cal area.  Make sure to check out the website as well as the twitter @rushmoretradingco and instagram @rushmoretradingco.  You will also find them in retailers such as Jacks Surf, The Garage, Attic 2 Zoo, Downtown, and Freshley Squeezed in St. Petersberg Florida.

Made in the USA was all it had to say to get us hooked. Take a look at what they have to offer for the first release. 






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